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Disclaimer and Terms of Use of 49jobs.com

Information/Content Published at 49jobs.com might not be Valid/Accurate. The Information published at 49jobs.com is only given for reference purposes, we don’t claim any validity of the data we published and hence we will not be responsible for any discrepancy.

Content written at 49jobs.com is only in the own view of the authors. 49jobs.com strives very hard to give it’s users absolutely correct content, but at 49jobs.com we don’t assure the visitors the accuracy/liability of the information we publish.

At 49jobs.com we link to other Third-Party Sources (Links/Websites) to give our visitors more relevant information. The links to which we point is only for additional reference. The information (Links) at Third-Party Sources are redirected to the specific destination which we pointed, these links should be visited by the visitor at their own risk. we will not hold any responsibility for the content at that link.

Content written at 49jobs.com is written with utmost care. If we copied any others content or if any of us found the content in our blog objectionable to them, please inform us through comments or through the comment form. If we find it’s legitimate then we will remove it as early as possible.

49jobs.com uses some pictures/images in the blog to make the content more appealing. We take proper care so that we will not use any Copyrighted pictures. If by mistake we used any Copyrighted Image/Content, please inform us through comments or mail, we will remove it asap. Please note that this is done unintentionally.

49jobs.com offers some downloads. Downloads which we offered will be only Open Source or Free Content which is available in the web. Anything which the visitors download from 49jobs.com should be done at their own risk, we will not hold responsibility for any kind of damage which is caused through the respective download.

49jobs.com will not hold any responsibility for the blog comments which are done by the visitors.

If any of the visitors follows Advices/Suggestions/Techniques/Recommendations of the Authors/Owner of 49jobs.com and get any Physical/Financial/Career related damage we will not hold any responsibility in any of those cases.

49jobs.com uses ad revenue programs to compensate the expenses of the website.

49jobs.com will not hold any responsibility for bad grammar or punctuation or for the meanings of the content which obtained through Language Translations/Interpretations.

49jobs.com doesn’t hold any reliability/responsibility for any defamatory statements which bound to government or religious, or any other different kinds of laws from the reader’s country of origin.

Please note that any copyrighted content issue will be addressed within 15 working days.

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